8 Savory Pizza Facts To Make You a Pizza Know-It-All

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Pizza Is without a doubt one of the most delicious, ordered, and craved foods in the world. Depending on where you live, you will see pizza with different combinations, flavors and interesting concepts. Did you know that in Japan, you can get a Mayo Pizza? Yeah, I know. Of course there are the classics that are favorites all over the world, Cheese, Pepperoni, and sausage are popular, no matter the age, location or culture of those eating it.

We all know pizza right? Well we have a few facts that we want to share, that will not just make you a bigger pizza fan, it will make you a pizza legend! Or at least you will have some cool facts to share at your next party. Check out these 8 fun Pizza facts!

Pizza – The History of the Word
The word Pizza dates back just a few years. OK it dates back thousands of years! 997 CE to be exact (That would be 1750 AD), which was first found in latin text located in Southern Italy.

How much Pepperoni do we eat? TONS
That’s right, Americans eat A LOT of pepperoni. As a matter of fact, estimates are that we consume about 251,770,000 lbs of pepperoni a year. To put that into perspective, an elephant weighs on average around 12,000 to 13,000 lbs. Now, that is a TON of pepperoni!

Most Popular Topping? DUH!
Yeah, so with that last fact, it is no surprise that pepperoni is the the most popular pizza topping, beating out extra cheese and sausage. What is your favorite?

Pizza Eating Rate = Get your cutters ready
350 slices of pizza are eaten every second. That is just over 1.2 Million slices an hour. Now, that is a lot of pizza cutting going on!

How many pizza eaters are there in the United States? Not Everybody
Ok so I would think, sure! everyone LOVES pizza, however reports show that only 93% of our country eats pizza. So this is leading to my next question; who is this 7% and WHAAAAAA?

Hawaiian Pizza was created from the warm surroundings of… CANADA?
That’s right! The Hawaiian Pizza was created in 1962, when Pizzeria owner Sam Panopulous was getting tired of the same three ingredients, mushroom, bacon and pepperoni and decided to get the Pineapple off the shelf and add it to the pizza. The rest is history. Good story eh?

Pizza Among First to be Ordered Online
One of the first documented purchases on the internet was, you guessed it, pizza! This transaction was placed in 1994, which was a pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese. Today, most pizza purchases are done online. They should have called your browser cookies, “slices!”

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Pizza Delivery and Beyond!
The longest recorded delivery was not across country, or even overseas. The longest recorded pizza delivery was actually out of this world! In 2001, Russian Space Agency was paid 1 Million to deliver a pizza to the International Space Station. Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Usachov was the very first person to deliver a pizza in space. I have to think, did he get a good tip?

Alright, here is some fun facts about pizza, so get out there and share your vast knowledge of the greatest crave-able eat of all time.


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