We Love Phoenix! Share Reasons We Love This Great American City.

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Phoenix is one of those cities, that despite the summer heat and busy freeways, remains one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing city in the US. Phoenix is currently the 5th largest city in the country, a spot that was lost to Philadelphia in 2010, however regained in 2017. Don’t worry Philly, we show our love around here by honoring the Famous Philly Cheesesteak in Phoenix on our Menu!

There are so many reasons we love Phoenix, and why we are so proud to serve up our tasty Crave-able eats in this amazing town, and here are just a few of the reasons we are glad to call Phoenix our home.

Phoenix Foodies Are Serious!
Phoenix is definitely a hot spot for amazing foodie events! Starting with food trucks, that have gained so much popularity in the past 10 years, Phoenix has quickly become one of the hotspots, not only for competitive food truck vendors, but also for businesses hosting food trucks at their events! Want to know what some of the hottest food trucks in Phoenix? Check out Roaming Hunger’s Food Truck list!

Also growing in phoenix is the food festivals. Let’s face it, with the weather being so beautiful between October and May, folks love to get outside and experience what the city has to offer. In the past few years, food festivals and events in Phoenix have grown immensely. In fact, depending on the month, you could see multiple foodie events happening on the same weekend. Now how’s that for options to make your tastebuds happy. Want to check out an upcoming foodie event soon in Phoenix? Check out Visit Phoenix list of spring food and beverage events in the next few months to come

And of course, you know… come an join us anytime for some of the Best Crave-ables in town. Amazing toasted subs, baked fries, salads, Philly Cheesesteaks, and of course the best pizza in Phoenix, if we say so ourselves!

Grand Canyon University
What’s NOT to love about the Lopes!
Grand Canyon University, which we are so proud to serve and be in community with, has been doing some great things for Phoenix. Not only is the school being recognized for it’s growth in the past 5 years, for its successful baseball team and growing basketball program under the support of Jerry Colangelo and Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor Honoree turned GCU Head Coach Dan Majerle, GCU is also doing many wonderful things to serve the community.

The University encourages students to get out and make a difference in the community, including opening the doors to local high school students to get tutoring and support, as well as outreach programs to help repair homes in the nearby areas, to show their appreciation. 

 Grand Canyon University President Brian Mueller, who has been under the helm since 2008, has brought a great vision to GCU. He wants GCU to be a not just an institution for higher-learning, he also has brought a vision to build leaders. To challenge and encourage others to be a part of a culture that brings more critical thinking, higher educated and entrepreneurial-minded students and graduates, making a difference from the inside out. GCU, we are honored to serve and to be in the same community with you for sure! GO LOPES!

Diversity is Beautiful!
Everyday, we are proud to serve the community around us. We are so blessed to be in a community in Phoenix where we get to experience diversity. We meet people who have come from different parts of the world every day. What we love the most about this diversity, is that we hear food stories, and get suggestions and requests when orders are made that are unique, and honesty quite delicious!

With these unique orders comes brief stories of why they ask for them. This is what makes us so proud and honored to serve, because we continue to learn and grow as a restaurant. Our community is truly built and colorfully represented with great people, which, in our opinion makes this city, state and country so great.

So tell us, what makes you proud to be a Phoenician?

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